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Jumbling Towers - Kanetown City Rips 7"

by Jumbling Towers

£3.00 / On Sale

Debut single from St. Louis' Jumbling Towers. Released on Monday 7th September 2009 on 7" and download.

Jumbling Towers is a musical outfit from St. Louis, MO. A subsidy of parent company Money Buckets LLC, Jumbling Towers has been selling musical entertainment and related merchandise since 2006. Their products have received mixed reviews, drawing descriptors such as "eerie", "off-kilter" and "fag shit".

Jumbling Towers' current project is dedicated to the fictitious world of 1981 Kanetown City, and the group of exiled youth who made the music soon to be heard. Their story is one of passion, poverty, and racial tolerance. The Towers themselves practice neither passion nor poverty but are certainly advocates of racial equality.